My day at school after Khmer New Year Days

Hi everyone. Today is my third day at my university after Khmer New Year Days. During Khmer New Year Day I didn’t go anywhere at day time because it is very hot, but at night I went to dance at every pagodas. I felt so happy with Khmer New Year Day and didn’t care anything about Examination after that.

My first day at university is Japanese Language exam and I don’t hope I’m going to pass the exam because I no nothing about it. I know I am going to fail and have re-exam but I’m still happy with my life. I am not fell sad or something with my exam. Second day at university is welcome new students. The program is :

  • 10:00-11:30 : Entrance ceremony
  • 11:30-13:00 : Lunch together at PVK (Pine View Kitchen)
  • 13:00-14:30 : Internship review
  • 15:00-16:30 : Team building(students only)

For entrance ceremony was introduced school new students to know about the university and then manager and lectures gave some advice to all students. For team building is all students built team to play games together to make old and new students close with each other. I was so happy with this day and so glad with advice of lecture and manager.

My third day is exam again. The subject is English Grammar and Intensive Vocabulary. During exam I felt very sleepy. I don’t know why that happen.

After finish exam I went to lunch and take a nap for 3 hours and it was rain while I slept. When I got up I didn’t well and can’t do anything beside playing game.


From me Thoeun Sopheara

Thank you for reading.



The summary of Monkey’s Paw

The “Monkey’s Paw” is a shot story about shoulder”White” with his wife “White” too. They have an adult son”Herbert”. They lived in England. One day Mr. White had been in Indian army for past 21 years. In his adventure he has got a “Monkey’s Paw” that has the power to grant three wish. Morris think that it’s so dangerous and want to burn it, but Mr.white snatches it up and buys it. After Morris leaved, Mr.white wishes for 300 pounds. The next morning Herbert go to work as usual, Mrs. White watch for 300 pound show up. The afternoon there is a man come to White’s house, he from a company that Herbert work for. He said”Herbert has been killed in a machinery accident”. He give 300 pounds to them and leaves. Mrs. White and Mr. White are sad because of losing their son”Herbert”. One night Mrs.White has an idea: use 2 other wishes to bring Herbert back. She share her idea to her husband, but Mr.White think that is a bad idea because Herbert’s body has damages when he went to identify it.  Finally Mr. White take the monkey’s paw and wish Herbert back because of his wife. Nothing happen so they go to bed. Soon after that there is something or someone knock  the door. They sure it’s Herbert, Mrs white go to open the door for her son but Mr.white doesn’t want Herbert get the house. So he take the Monkey’s Paw and wishes. The knock stop and then they open the door. He hears her scream out in agony because Herbert is not there. He goes outside with her and sees that the road is completely empty.

The think that I had studied from this story is “Don’t trust everything that strange” because it can provide good things and bad things for us that we don’t know. One more is “Don’t want everything that isn’t yours” because everything in the world is not free. If someone provide something to us we have to give something to them too, even we don’t want. Please love what you have and don’t want something that isn’t yours.


Every people are always need empowerment in their life. when they are fail again and again or have a obstacle that hard to​ overcome, they won’t remain have empowerment in lives.

Sometime I also depressed and don’t have empowerment to achieve my goals, but some people around me always give lots of advice to make me stronger and stronger to achieve my goal. When I hadn’t success in something that I want to success I was depressed, but my brother Thoeun visit and my sister Nget sokvy always tell me”you will be success. if you don’t give up”.

My high school teacher also gave me lots of advice. When I know about the obstacle that I must overcome, I think that I cannot, but my teacher Ros sinit said “Pheara you can do”. When I heard this words I think everything I can do and I won’t give up. One more proverb Mr Sman anas , my chemistry told me”You still can achieve your goal if you don’t give up, but if you give up It mean you can achieve your goal .”. His speech make me strong in my life. Beside my high school, my high school friend Nil Mardy has alerted me when I felt not good and don’t want to study.​ He has recommended me a lot. I and he are best friend.

I commit that I will achieve my goal. My friends , my teacher and my sibling will proud me. I would not let them despair.

Thoeun Sopheara




This year water has celebrated at November 21-23. It is 3 days. The water festival is khmer’s traditional festival that has celebrated every year. I have very enjoyed with water festival. I went to Chaktomok River to visit compete of the boats in the river. It’s very interested. The boats that came from all province came to Phnom Penh to compete each other. It makes me happy and another also. A lot of people came to visit water festival at Phnom Penh.  The last day the boats that from Kretie has win. Kretie province is my province so I am very proud because I also have ever dance on the boat in last compete. It’s easy to rowboat in the river but in the competition we need high speed. The people who rowboat must be understand each other because if someone do not understand to the other all of them cannot be good in compete. It is also make us unity that I love it. One more because it is khmer’s traditional festival that has happened since the 11th century. I fell very happy with water festival even I cannot visit rowboat competition. It is not because it is holiday but it is  khmer’s custom and I also like khmer’s boats.